Avatar: The Last Airbender – Story and Voice Actors

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Story and Voice Actors

Avatar: the Last Airbender Adventure

Welcome to the magical world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, where we embark on a fantastical journey across the realms of water, earth, fire, and air. This beloved animated series, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, has captivated audiences with its rich storytelling, stunning animation, and unforgettable characters. Join us as we delve into the plot, trivia, and the talented English voice cast that brought this epic tale to life. We’ll also explore the sequel series, “The Legend of Korra,” which continued the Avatar legacy.

Season 1: Water

In the first season, we are introduced to Aang, the last Airbender and the Avatar, who has been frozen in an iceberg for a hundred years. Alongside his new friends, Katara and Sokka, Aang embarks on a quest to master the elements and defeat the Fire Nation. The trio travels to the Northern Water Tribe, where Aang begins his waterbending training under Master Pakku. The season culminates in a fierce battle at the North Pole, where Aang taps into the power of the Ocean Spirit to repel the Fire Nation’s invasion.

Season 2: Earth

The second season takes Aang and his friends to the Earth Kingdom, where they search for an earthbending teacher. They find Toph Beifong, a blind earthbender with unparalleled skills. As they journey through the vast and diverse Earth Kingdom, they uncover the sinister plans of the Fire Nation and face numerous challenges, including the rise of the deadly assassin, Azula. The season reaches a dramatic climax in the city of Ba Sing Se, where Azula stages a coup, leaving Aang severely wounded.

Season 3: Fire

In the final season, Aang and his friends prepare for the ultimate showdown with Fire Lord Ozai. Aang must master firebending and discover the true meaning of being the Avatar. Along the way, they encounter old friends and new allies, including Zuko, the exiled prince of the Fire Nation, who joins their cause. The series builds to an epic conclusion with the Day of Black Sun invasion and the final battle, where Aang faces Ozai in a breathtaking duel that determines the fate of the world.

The Legend of Korra

Following the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender, “The Legend of Korra” continues the story with a new Avatar, Korra, from the Southern Water Tribe. Set seventy years after Aang’s adventures, Korra faces new challenges in a world that is rapidly modernizing. The series is divided into four books: Air, Spirits, Change, and Balance.


In “The Legend of Korra,” Korra’s journey to master airbending and restore balance to the world is filled with political intrigue, spiritual discoveries, and personal growth. The series explores themes of modernization, equality, and the spiritual connection between the Avatar and the world. Korra, along with her friends Mako, Bolin, and Asami, battles new villains and uncovers deep-seated corruption within the governments and societies they encounter.


“The Legend of Korra” was praised for its mature themes and complex characters. The show introduced the first openly LGBTQ+ relationship in a major animated series, with Korra and Asami’s relationship becoming a significant aspect of the show’s finale. The series also incorporated elements from various cultures and philosophies, similar to its predecessor, and continued to draw inspiration from martial arts, with each bending style having a corresponding martial art form.

Meet the English Voice Cast

Zach Tyler Eisen as Aang

Zach Tyler Eisen brought the character of Aang to life with his youthful and energetic voice. Eisen began his acting career at a young age and quickly became known for his work in animation. Aside from his role in Avatar, he voiced characters in other popular series like The Ant Bully and Little Bill. His portrayal of Aang remains one of his most iconic roles.

Mae Whitman as Katara

Mae Whitman, a versatile actress with an impressive resume, voiced Katara, the compassionate and determined waterbender. Whitman has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, including Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Arrested Development. Her performance as Katara showcased her ability to bring depth and emotion to her characters.

Jack De Sena as Sokka

Jack De Sena provided the voice for Sokka, the witty and resourceful warrior of the group. De Sena is best known for his work on All That, a popular sketch comedy show. His comedic timing and charm made Sokka a fan-favorite character, adding humor and heart to the series.

Dante Basco as Zuko

Dante Basco’s portrayal of Zuko, the conflicted prince of the Fire Nation, is widely praised for its complexity and depth. Basco, who rose to fame with his role as Rufio in Hook, brought a brooding intensity to Zuko’s character arc. His performance earned him a dedicated fanbase and solidified his status as a talented voice actor.

Jessie Flower as Toph Beifong

Jessie Flower, also known as Michaela Jill Murphy, voiced Toph Beifong, the blind earthbender with a tough exterior. Flower’s performance captured Toph’s fierce independence and vulnerability. In addition to her role in Avatar, she has voiced characters in other animated series such as The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Finding Nemo.

Grey DeLisle as Azula

Grey DeLisle, a prolific voice actress, brought the menacing Azula to life with chilling precision. DeLisle’s extensive voice acting credits include roles in The Fairly OddParents, Samurai Jack, and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Her portrayal of Azula added a layer of intensity and danger to the series.

Janet Varney as Korra

Janet Varney brings Korra’s bold and determined personality to life in “The Legend of Korra.” Varney is an accomplished actress and comedian known for her roles in Stan Against Evil and various other projects. Her dynamic portrayal of Korra has made her a beloved figure among fans of the Avatar universe.

David Faustino as Mako

David Faustino voices Mako, a firebender and Korra’s ally. Faustino is best known for his role as Bud Bundy on the hit sitcom Married… with Children. His work on “The Legend of Korra” showcases his versatility and ability to bring depth to his characters.

P.J. Byrne as Bolin

P.J. Byrne voices Bolin, an earthbender and one of Korra’s closest friends. Byrne is known for his roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and various television shows. His portrayal of Bolin brings humor and heart to the series, making him a fan favorite.

Seychelle Gabriel as Asami Sato

Seychelle Gabriel voices Asami Sato, a non-bender and skilled engineer. Gabriel is known for her roles in Falling Skies and other projects. Her performance as Asami adds depth and complexity to the character, highlighting her strength and resilience.


Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel, “The Legend of Korra,” remain timeless classics, beloved by fans of all ages. Their captivating plots, rich world-building, and memorable characters continue to inspire and entertain. The dedication and talent of the English voice cast brought these characters to life, leaving a lasting impact on the world of animation. As we look back on these incredible series, we celebrate the magic and wonder of Avatar: The Last Airbender and “The Legend of Korra,” true masterpieces in the realm of storytelling.