Next Streamily Signing – July 4th!

Next Streamily Signing – July 4th!

LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2024 β€” Celebrate Independence Day with the voice behind your favorite characters!

About D.C. Douglas

A prolific presence in the voice acting realm, D.C. Douglas has been bringing to life some of the most iconic characters in video games and television for decades. Known for his distinctive voice and dynamic characters, Douglas continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Beyond voice acting, he is also recognized for his roles in various movies and TV shows, making him a versatile figure in the entertainment industry.

Event Details

This July 4th, D.C. Douglas will be signing and recording videos via Streamily, a platform renowned for connecting celebrities with their fan base through live autograph signings.

Date: July 4, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM PST
Location: Streamily (Online Platform)

Fans can look forward to acquiring autographed pictures, including two exciting new additions to Douglas’s collection:

  • Legion from Mass Effect: This new print features Legion, the intriguing Geth character from the “Mass Effect” series. Legion’s character explores themes of AI life and consciousness, making it a fan-favorite.

Legion from Mass Effect voiced by DC Douglas

  • Albert Wesker from Resident Evil: Another new release, this print captures the notorious Albert Wesker, known for his complex role as both protagonist and antagonist throughout the “Resident Evil” series.

Albert Wesker from Resident Evil voiced by DC Douglas

About the Shows

Mass Effect

“Mass Effect” is a critically acclaimed series of science fiction RPGs developed by BioWare. The games are renowned for their deep narrative, complex character development, and player-led storytelling where choices directly affect the outcome.

Resident Evil

“Resident Evil,” developed by Capcom, is a trailblazing series of horror games that pioneered the survival horror genre. Known for its high-stakes action and intricate lore, the series has been a cornerstone of video game horror since the 90s.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to interact live with D.C. Douglas and celebrate the voices behind some of the most beloved characters in gaming history. Reserve your spot today and be part of an unforgettable Fourth of July event!

Streamily is an innovative online platform that bridges the gap between celebrities and their fans through live autograph sessions and virtual meet-and-greets. Designed to transform the traditional autograph signing experience, Streamily enables fans from all around the world to connect with their favorite actors, voice actors, artists, and influencers without leaving their homes.

The core of Streamily’s appeal lies in its live-streamed sessions. Fans can watch as their purchased items are personalized and signed in real-time, adding an unparalleled level of authenticity and excitement to the experience. This feature not only enhances the personal connection between celebrities and their audience but also allows for spontaneous interactions, such as Q&A segments, where fans can submit questions and receive answers directly from the celebrities during the live stream.

Streamily caters to a wide range of fandoms, including those from video games, television series, movies, and anime, making it a popular destination for enthusiasts across various entertainment sectors. Each event is tailored to the specific celebrity and their fanbase, ensuring that every session is unique and memorable. Fans have the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise, such as photographs, posters, and other memorabilia, which are then signed on camera by the celebrity.

In addition to its primary offerings, Streamily also focuses on community-building. It often hosts events featuring multiple artists from the same show or game, creating a festival-like atmosphere where fans can experience a broader range of interactions. These events are especially popular, as they mimic the community feel of physical conventions.

Streamily’s platform is user-friendly, with an intuitive booking system that makes it easy for fans to secure their spot in upcoming events. Notifications and updates about new signings and opportunities are regularly communicated, ensuring that fans never miss a chance to connect with their heroes. This commitment to accessibility and fan engagement makes Streamily a pioneering service in the realm of online celebrity interactions.