Holiday Wrap-Up: Robots, Sports and a Slimeball

Holiday Wrap-Up: Robots, Sports and a Slimeball

Usually December marks the death of foliage, diverse TV commercials and my career.  But this year, thanks to my new voice over and theatrical agents, December is a reversal of fortune for me!  So, staying true to my prostitutorial™ self, I will recap the month:


In the television category, we have the first in a series of small cameos I will be doing in an effort to rebuild my resume from a long list of cancelled shows to one with some sex appeal.  I was on Raising Hope earlier this month.  You may have missed me… Even if you saw the show.  It’s a quick cameo (quick as in the time it takes to peg Marcus Bachmann’s sexuality):

And set your DVR for Castle in January, as I’ll show up at the end of the “Dial M For Mayor” episode for another cameo.  And in February, as Blake’s Dad on Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures. Then, in March, you’ll catch a glimpse of me on Franklin & Bash.  I’m also on “avail” for NCIS Los Angeles!  Keep fingers crossed, people!


Those who know me know that I am a huge sports fan.  Not only that, I play those sportsy-like games every weekend, belong to a fantasy foosball club and can name every cast member of the Los Angeles Broncos (I’m a big Basketball nut!).  So, it makes sense that you’d hear me on these current NFL promos:

And also as the weatherman contrasting how macho us sports geeks are:

But the biggest thing this month was:


Did you see the Sneak Peek of Transformers: Rescue Bots on Saturday?!  If not, you’re dead to me.  😉 No worries.  The Hub usually repeats the shows another 237 times.  The full season debuts February 18th, 2012!  But, to get you acquainted with my Transformer character (I play “Chase”), I put together a quick sample:

Now, yes, I want you to watch the show, but the real way to help it become a success is to buy the toys!  (The Hub is the only network driven by toy sales.)

How about that?  A perfect opportunity to complete your xmas shopping list.

Happy Holiday!  (Yes, I am a foot soldier in the war on Christmas.)


I forgot to share my 1 line from Family Guy!  Recorded it in 2009 for an episode it was cut from, but then magically appeared last week in a new episode:

There!  Now that’s everything for December!  … I feel much better.