The Sharknado Has Landed

The Sharknado Has Landed

I giggled out loud when I received the email from The Asylum offering me a cameo role in “Sharknado 2.” And then I saw that it filmed in Buffalo in five days! A Sunday, to be exact, on a weekend I was already booked at a con (A&G Ohio). After a flurry of emails it was set that I’d fly to Ohio for a Friday and Saturday appearance at the con, then fly out at 5 am Sunday to Buffalo, NY.

Two plane rides later, I had gotten my rental car, checked into my hotel and drove to the location. An hour later I was transformed into a NYC MTA worker and quickly tried to pick-up Michael Dugan’s accent (my fellow MTA worker).


With the FX guy / with director (Anthony C. Ferrante)

Six hours later, after many takes of running with waders on (and flailing like a little girl because my boots were filled with water from the first take), I wiped the blood and guts off my face and headed back to my hotel for dinner… Fish, to be exact.

And now I am a part of twitter/television history. God bless you, Asylum & SyFy.