7 Voice Over Steps To Survive The AI Revolution

7 Voice Over Steps To Survive The AI Revolution

Online voice over clients are getting much harder to find in these AI days of cloned voices and soulless bargain basement approach to narration and production. What to do?

Whether it’s optimizing your online presence or tapping into your network, every step you take is a move towards securing more work and ensuring stability in your career.

1. **Give Your Voice Over Website a Little Love**

Let’s start with the heart of your digital presence—your website. It’s crucial to sprinkle relevant keywords throughout your site. Think about what potential clients might type into Google when looking for a voice over artist—phrases like “professional voice over,” “voice actor,” or specific niches you specialize in. Keep your site fresh and exciting by regularly adding new content, such as blog posts sharing voice acting tips, your personal experiences in the industry, or even success stories from your projects. Also, make sure your site is quick to load, easy to navigate on a smartphone, and secure. Tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights can offer some helpful tips to boost your site’s performance.

2. **Get Social with Your Media**

Social media is like a lively party where everyone’s invited. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are perfect for sharing updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and snippets of your work. More than just posting, engage with your audience and other industry professionals. You never know who might recommend you for the next big project. If you’re up for it, running targeted ads can also help put your name in front of the right crowd.

3. **Make the Most of Voice Over Platforms**

Think of platforms like Voices.com, Backstage, and Voice123 as your extended online portfolio. Keep your profiles polished and your demo reels fresh. Regular engagement here can lead to discovery by new clients who are eager to find a voice exactly like yours.

4. **Network, Network, Network**

There’s no substitute for connecting with people face-to-face. Voice over workshops, industry conferences, and even local meetups can be goldmines for networking. Don’t be shy—swap contact information, and don’t hesitate to reach out first. Collaborating with other creatives can also open doors to opportunities that you might not have found on your own.

5. **Consider Diversifying Your Offerings**

If you have years of experience under your belt, why not share that wealth of knowledge? Offering coaching or consultancy services can not only boost your income but also establish you as an authority in the field. Think about expanding your skills to cover more ground—audiobooks, educational videos, and even different accents or character voices can make your portfolio stand out.

6. **Keep an Eye on Trends**

The voice over industry is always changing, especially with the advent of AI technologies. Staying updated with these trends can help you adapt your strategies and remain competitive. Understanding where the industry is headed will allow you to anticipate changes and meet market demands effectively.

7. **Reach Out Directly**

Sometimes, a personal touch can make all the difference. Consider sending a friendly email to former clients to remind them of your services, or maybe even a quick update about what you’ve been up to. Making direct contact with potential new clients can also show that you’re proactive and eager to collaborate.

Each of these steps offers a pathway to not just maintain but actively grow your voice over career. The key is consistency and a willingness to adapt to new challenges. Keep your voice heard in this crowded market by being as dynamic and versatile as the characters you bring to life.

If there’s anything more specific you’d like to delve into or if you need further assistance with any of these suggestions, just let me know. I’m here to help you make the most of your incredible talent!