2012: Come Over To The Dark Side…

2012: Come Over To The Dark Side…

What does Star Wars, angels and the GOP primaries have in common?  Aside from really easy metaphors, it’s a lazy actor’s way of weaving video game clips and political commercials together in one post!

First, the genuine dark side…

Last year I had the fanboy pleasure of supplying about 15 generic voices to the expansive video game Star Wars: The Old republic!  (Well, myself and 100 other actors!)

Now, the SuperPAC dark side…

It’s political season once again!  A time of year when I confound my friends by recording voiceovers for Republicans, Libertarians and Democrats alike.  You see, I am multi-partisan when it comes to politics and a paycheck.

“Whore,” you say?  Well, technically “slut” is more appropriate since I’m not giving it away for free (thanks to B. Kahn for the clarity).  However, I prefer to call it fundraising for my Tweaked Nipple Productions.

This one is for a new group called American Bridge.

These two were for a very nice director I worked with before on the libertarian cartoon “The American Dream,” Tad Lumpkin.

(Personally, I’d love it if Ron Paul got the GOP nomination.  It would shock the Republican party awake so they’d see how far they’ve strayed from their roots.  It would also make the national debate intelligent and lively.  Something I think Obama would appreciate — right before he trounced Paul on election night.)

And, alas, the arrival of an angel to make it all okay… by declaring war!  For you Might & Magic fans.

I promise my next post will be clever, nuanced and in-depth. But right now I must go eat a fattening Italian meal and watch some mindless television… Or, to be truly honest, I must give myself over to the dark side…

PS: Be sure to watch Castle Monday night. I have a quick cameo near the end.

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