Wesker, Gabi, Alexei: Live! In Person! In Ohio?

Wesker, Gabi, Alexei: Live! In Person! In Ohio?

… Not to mention several unnamed characters from three huge games coming in the next six months (but due to big lawyers with legalese disease, I must quarantine the actual names).

Picture 5Brace yourself.  I’m going to admit something to you.  I’m a dork.  An artsy geek.  I don’t follow sports.  I can’t fix my car.  I love to garden, but do it by instinct.  I adore paisley shirts.  I sum this up by saying I’m as gay as a straight man can be.  My girlfriend doesn’t care for this phrase, but it’s so silly it makes me giggle.  That’s how much of a dork I am.

However, in the video game world, I’m an outcast as well.  I only know of the games I work on.  I can’t sit and play any of them for more than 15 minutes before my brain turns grey and woozy (damn you, Grand Theft Auto!).  Don’t know why.  My idea of free time is working on flash web design, creating film/video/stage projects that will make no money, or seeing three movies in one night while eating 1300 calories in ice cream.  Oh, alright, I also love tournament poker so I can’t be that much of a freak.

The point of this long and frightening preamble is to explain why I never put myself out there for gaming conventions.  I simply never knew about them.  But after Resident Evil 5, I started getting inquiries for personal appearances.  That sounded so strange.  “Personal Appearance” is for Tom Cruise and Gerard Butler, not little ol’ mid-level TV/Film/VO guy me.  So I asked my agents and my gamer friends about these conventions.   They verbally slapped me upside the head and told me I was crazy not to do them.  They cited all my games and anime credits that people would be interested in (cue shameless self-promotion):

Resident Evil Albert Wesker

  1. Resident Evil 5 – Albert Wesker
  2. Tekken 6 – Raven
  3. Ace Combat 6 – AWACS
  4. .hack//G.U. Vol.1, 2, 3 – Gabi/Taihaku
  5. God, Save Our King! – Shori
  6. Hajime No Ippo – Genji, Makunouvhi Ippo
  7. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer – The Master
  8. Tales Of Vesperia – Alexei
  9. Eternal Sonata – Jazz
  10. Radiant Mythology – Kelvin Garr
  11. Tales Of The Abyss – Emperor Peony
  12. RE: The Umbrella Chronicles – Albert Wesker
  13. RE: Outbreak File #2 – Various
  14. Spellforce: Shadow Of The Phoenix – Various
  15. Spellforce: The Breath Of Winter – Various
  16. Xenosaga III – Dr. Suou Uzuki, Voyager Black Testament
  17. plus guest starred on TV’s Charmed
  18. and as “Zepht” on the short lived Star Trek: Enterprise.
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When I look at it that way (you know, through my ego’s eyes), hell yeah!  D.C. Douglas should “personally appear!  My manager asked that I put up a page on my website to address the inquiries.  Yes!  Web design in my free time!

Well, a chicken came home to roost.

Picture 4The first convention I’ll appear at will be the Animation & Gaming Ohio 2010!  Jason Taylor (the Con Chair) was very nice and accommodating, and the festival has a cool grassroots feel.   Should also be a whirlwind experience as I’ll arrive Friday, March 12th and leave the morning of the 15th.

So, if you live in Ohio, come on down!  I’d love to meet you.  And if you live somewhere else and have your own convention there, feel free to send the organizers to my Personal Appearance page!

(How come whenever I bathe in the pool of “me” like this, I feel dirty afterwards?)