Voice-Over Talent Online Service

Voice-Over Talent Online Service

I have been providing voice over services online since 2002. When this website started out, it wasn’t the sexiest thing online, but the service was! I amassed a wonderful client list of which many still are ongoing clients today.

But I’ve been remiss in promoting it these last 6 years because my video game work garnered me many anime and video game conventions. Traveling every other week took the steam out of writing blog posts. So this post is to reintroduce my Hollywood voice over service to the online business community.

You could, of course, just skip this by clicking on the “1. Voiceover” in the menu bar above and follow the instructions. Otherwise, here is a vernal overview of what I do and how easy it is to hire me.

Usually, this is the email I send to those who inquire about hiring me:

If you decide to “book” me, I would post the completed file online (locked within a player). After you listen to it and all is well, you just pay the online invoice with any credit card. After credit card approval, you will automatically be sent to the Download Page where your lovely file awaits.

If there needs to be some redirection, I’m always happy to rerecord and repost. I aim to make your project the best it can be. (Longer projects will require a tone approval before proceeding.)

Because it is a “booking”, you are obligated to pay for the recording/voice work I do (even if the project is cancelled). Please have all decision makers (known in comic books as The Deciders) listen to the demos on www.DCDouglas.com so they can sign-off on your voice selection.

If there are rewrites after the initial recording, there is a small fee per rewritten page.

If you need the file broken into more than 1 sound file, there is also a nominal charge.

Redirects and changes after payment/delivery must be within 7 days or it is considered a new job.

Turn-around is usually 24 hours or less (except weekends).

(Los Angeles clients: I am also available to come to your studio to record. Unless otherwise arranged, payment is due upon completion of the session.)

So, if you’re ready to hire Your Voice Over Guy, send me an email with “booking” in the subject line and you’ll have a Hollywood pro working on your project in a jiffy (as in “quick”, not as in “I’ll also change your oil”)!

Voiceover Videos

Before you jump to the “3. VO Orders” option in the menu bar, you may wanna take my voice for a test drive. That’s why it’s best to start with “1.” and listen to my sizzle reel.

After that, you may wanna dive further into the various voice over genres. The playlists include:

National Voiceover Campaigns
Regional Television Commercials
Radio Commercials
Promo and Trailer Voiceover
Corporate Narration
Film and Television Narration
Political Commercials
Cartoons and Videogame Voiceover

Whew! Surely after all those you’ll know if you’re ready to hire this male voice over talent!

Hiring Voiceover

The process for hiring me for your non-union voice over work is pretty straightforward. So much so that I have an explainer video that’s only a minute!

If you need me to audition, not a problem. Just pop over to the “3. VO Orders” and specify “Inquiry.” Include your script and what you’re looking for style wise. I’ll record a portion and get it back to pronto.

Most folks realize I have been doing this for 30 years and trust me out of the gate. they choose “Booking,” give me a script and direction, and then let me run with it. It’s a faster process and clients are always happy.

If your project is for union voice over, just call my agents at Abrams Artists Agency in Los Angeles. They’ll get you hooked up!

For those who just wanna know where you’ve heard me, think the GEICO “Real People” campaigns or Nespresso or Experian or the Total Wireless spots currently running.

If you have little ones, they’ve probably heard me on “Transformers: Rescue Bots.” And if you’re a gamer, well you may know me as Albert Wesker from the “Resident Evil” franchise or Legion from the “Mass Effect” franchise.

I also made it to the last round of call backs for the 2.0 voice of Siri… But alas…

There is also a whole other on-camera career you can check out, too. Just click on “Film/TV” in the menu bar.

Clients and Fans

If you’re reading this and you’re either a happy client or fan of mine, please feel free to forward my website on to others needing voice over services. Like I said, it’s been a long time since I’ve promoted this service and would love to welcome new clients. It’s all word-of-mouth, baby!

Voiceover Website Reviews

Last, but not least, here are some lovely reviews from clients:

A fantastic talent and great to work with!
– Garrett Biggs

DC is a very diverse voice talent. From characters, trailers and spots, to telephone greetings, and more. He just flat out delivers the goods. You can NOT go wrong with DC.
– Anthony Reece

We’ve worked with DC over the course of three years now. As long as he is available he is our “go to” guy. His desire to be clear and up front in business dealings is exceptional and rare. We highly recommend DC as a professional talent.
– Tom Wilson

DC Douglas understands what we need for our voice overs that are currently implemented on our web-site – www.realadvice.com. A true professional who delivers the message the way it is meant to be and easily understood by all. A pleasure to work with this true professional.
– Patrick P. Palmieri

D.C. usess his brain. He understands the details of a project and addresses them systematically. He’s not affraid to ask questions and he understands the answers.
He is easy to get along, with smart and gets the whatever he’s working on DONE!
You gotta love him.
– Ben Malone

Working with DC was a breeze. We worked on a 52 week audio course together where we sent him the files and he recorded it at his studio and sent us a private link where we could download the file. That was one of the delivery methods. If we wanted a CD he would’ve mailed us one. Very professional and extremely easy to work with.

Beyond his professionalism his voice is what made the product. If you want a Hollywood voice for your corporate product he is the guy to go to. He took most of the work out of my hands when he produced the product at his professional studio.
– Andy Coon

DC brings out the best in a piece of copy. He has an uncanny knack for giving that extra oomph that we are all searching for in our advertising pieces. I highly recommend DC. He’s a jewel of a VO talent and his sense of humor will keep you rolling!
– VOplanet.com Voiceover Talent Agency

I’ve experienced the phenomenal DC as a co-worker, as a manager, as a customer and as a long-time friend. He’s a real pro, whether as an actor, VO artist, editor. When he says that he’ll be somewhere and do something, he gets there and gets it done and he’ll probably make you laugh. There is a saying that a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. Whoever wrote that didn’t work with DC Douglas.
– Craig Lachman

I have hired DC on multiple occasions. If you are looking for “The Voice” look no further. DC is incredibly easy to work with and always nails what we are looking for the first time! I would highly recommend DC Douglas for any voice over work.
– Paul Smith