Found My Wicked Mojo at AFO

Found My Wicked Mojo at AFO

In August I was a guest voice actor at Anime Festival Orlando again and I had a blast. While there, William McLean (Wicked Mojo Photography), offered to take pictures of my manager’s clients who were there.

Since I was fine with the 8 x 10s I was using I asked him if we could do a mock promo photo shoot. He was game. So, here are some fun shots from his hotel room. I was trying an homage to Gary Owens crossed with Steve Blum. Pretty sure I insulted both great men.



Shots from the autograph session with Ali Hillis and Jennifer Hale:




The Mass Effect panel with Jennifer Hale and Ali Hillis…
Ali Hillis, Jennifer Hale, DC Douglas

… where this happened:

And here I am ruining a fond memory of Rino Romano and Jeff Zannini.  Never do a photo shoot by pool if I’m swimming…



If you prefer sexy women as the subject of a picture, then you have to check out more of William McLean at Wicked Mojo Photography