DC Douglas Watches Rescue Bots with Jon Bailey

DC Douglas Watches Rescue Bots with Jon Bailey

Jon Bailey: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Scared me. Scared the poop out of DC. There you go. Hey, everybody, welcome to the Epic Voice Guy. Youtube channel. This is my buddy DC Douglas. And you might know him as the voice of Chase from Rescue Bots. And we’re going to watch his favorite episode or one of his favorite episodes. One of them? Yeah. Rescue bots, this is called I Heard the Robots singing. And my kids love this show, just to be honest. Yeah. This is a great show that connects with autism, autistic kids. It also connects with just Transformers fans in general. This is a fairly a fairly general show that parents can watch with their kids. Oh, yeah, and enjoy it. But one of the things that we liked about best about it was that the toys were they specifically worked with, with kids to, with autistic kids really connected with them because they it’s flipping. It’s turning. It’s like the toys had a very specific way of transforming. And my son is addicted to this show. That’s so cool. He watches this on his leapfrog epic, which is a tablet for children, and he’s downloaded every single episode of Rescue Bots. He knows them all from memory. And this is the one. This is one franchise we actually have in common now, because I was so disappointed when I found out Marvel vs Capcom Infinite did not have Wesker. I know I was so disappointed, but I have not the only one I have. I have been the voice of Optimus Prime for Transformers and other things. So it’s cool that. I mean, can we hear your Optimus Prime?

Jon Bailey: My name is Optimus Prime Chase.

Jon Bailey: And he worked with Peter Cullen.

DC Douglas: I want to just the deepness. I want to learn. I want to.

Jon Bailey: Learn. Steve. Steve can do a pretty great Optimus.

DC Douglas: My name again.

Jon Bailey: My name is Optimus Prime.

DC Douglas: My name is Optimus Prime. I can’t do it. You have more.

Jon Bailey: That means I have job security. Yeah, yeah.

DC Douglas: But like his his. It’s like we. I have a lower voice than than you have. You do naturally. When you do that voice, you’re lower than I can. I can’t. That’s that voice.

Jon Bailey: The Optimus Prime voice is actually how I started getting into voice and how I learned how to do that, that deeper register thing. Yeah, I started doing that when I was five, except back then it sounded like my name is Optimus Prime.

DC Douglas: Actually, what’s really funny is I go back and look at some of the voiceover stuff I did like in the late 80s and early 90s, and I’ll like listen to it. And I’m going, and I don’t know if it’s one of those things where like when you listen to like, newscasters from the 30s and 40s and they’re all talking up like up in here and they and like, is that because they talk that way, or was it because of wonder or was.

Jon Bailey: Everybody talking like this? Hey, how you doing today? Or was it the.

DC Douglas: Speed of the film or the whatever? Because I’m looking at myself in the 90s and I’m and I said, hi, I’m Daisy duck and I’m like, really? Did I take pg, PG but like, it’s just funny how I developed, I guess I’ve noticed.

Jon Bailey: And there’s like some days like, I’ll get up and my mouth will open and all of a sudden I sound like like Michael Cera, like that voice. I don’t hear that voice coming like Charlie Day, you know.

DC Douglas: Whatever. You know. Oh my God.

Jon Bailey: So we’re.

DC Douglas: This guy is very talented.

Jon Bailey: I do a lot of ADR. I fill in for a lot of celebrities. I fill in for some pretty big names. This year. I filled in for TJ, TJ Miller and Ryan Reynolds. That’s very cool. The same year, I’m very proud. I was very.

DC Douglas: Excited because that I had voice matched Kevin Spacey, but now that’s.

Jon Bailey: Cool, I auditioned. I can’t do this. I can only do his his house of cards. I don’t think I don’t think.

DC Douglas: Anyone’s gonna be hiring us.

Jon Bailey: You’re the very first thing in the episode. That’s true. I’m going to get Amari over here too.

DC Douglas: You gotta get Mario over here. Amari is awesome Morris.

Jon Bailey: This is a great oh my.

DC Douglas: Goodness I’m gonna get he’s.

Jon Bailey: Gonna get all misty eyed. I’m so sad that the show is going into another incarnation.

DC Douglas: Yeah we really we actually are all still in touch. I have a of a threat on my phone. We actually still text each other like, for birthdays and like we’re all going to meet at, like a restaurant, you see in.

Jon Bailey: The commercial on TV recently.

DC Douglas: No, I don’t see commercials because I’m unplugged now.

Jon Bailey: So he’s he’s in a new TV spot. I forget what the what the advertisement was for. It’s like, hey, I know that guy. There he is.

DC Douglas: Yeah. Oh.

Jon Bailey: Here to try out.

DC Douglas: And diamond has become a star. She’s a huge music star now.

Jon Bailey: Oh, interesting.

DC Douglas: You didn’t know that? No, I did not. Oh, she’s got, like hundreds of thousands.

Jon Bailey: Levar Burton ran away from me. He would not say hi to me at all.

DC Douglas: No. Yeah.

Jon Bailey: He literally ran away from me. And all I wanted to say was like, hey, I just want to let you know.

DC Douglas: But he probably had something to do.

Jon Bailey: He’s a no, he he he was assuming that I was probably a Star Trek fan. I’m assuming because he was with he was with Brent Spiner, and I just said, I said, I’m a spy. How are you doing? And that’s all I said to him. I said, I’ve been in their shoes. I know what it’s like to get stuck with a fan. That was let’s just talk for 100 years. I just wanted to say hello, and that was it. But, you know, now, one of my favorite things of all time that you guys have ever done, I.

DC Douglas: Didn’t I forgot.

Jon Bailey: You guys. Yeah, they did the they did the karaoke song.

DC Douglas: That’s hysterical.

Jon Bailey: You guys actually sang the song. I know, and I was just realizing this.

DC Douglas: Would have been really helpful to have had when we videotaped that.

Jon Bailey: Was that a thing that was sponsored? Did you guys do that on your own?

DC Douglas: No, it was my idea.

Jon Bailey: Oh, it was your idea? Yeah. I said, you guys have him to thank Hasbro.

DC Douglas: Never. They would go we we want to do all the announcing and all that. We go okay. So I stopped doing stuff and then it was coming out I go, so is there an announcement? Oh, there was a press release. I’m like, that’s not an announcement. You got to have a thumb thing. So I put together that video.

Jon Bailey: Yeah. The energy that that came in that’s actually from this toy. This is actually your energized toy.

DC Douglas: Yes, I know, I know like all of a sudden it’s like they started, like giving us new things to do. Yeah.

Jon Bailey: I love Jeff Bennett in this show too.

DC Douglas: Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett’s to me.

Jon Bailey: I always love Jeff Bennett’s character, like one of the.

DC Douglas: Super talented people that he is. So he’s got like just a certain range of a voice, but he can do so many different voices in that.

Jon Bailey: Can do a lot of those voices.

DC Douglas: We’re going.

Jon Bailey: To have to. He’s one of those actors that I kind of imitate. Like, if I can do what he does, I think I’d be good. Yeah, yeah.

DC Douglas: I think like every day he’s like going off to some studio to work. I assume he is day. Where I’m like every month.

Jon Bailey: This is such a simplistic concept for a show, too. There’s no there’s no Decepticons in this, right?

DC Douglas: Exactly. We have problem solving.

Jon Bailey: There was one. There was one. Mini-con. From Robots in Disguise, which is a little bit older. Show that made it onto here with Sideswipe from that show. That was a one off episode. And of course, Optimus Prime shows up every once in a while. In fact, this was the first time Rescue Bots was the first time I heard Peter Cohen doing a character that was not Optimus Prime or a long time very early in season one. In season one, he played one of the scientists like some guy in a lab coat. It was just his like, really? I was like, wow, I haven’t heard him do any character.

DC Douglas: I’m surprised they, like, got.

Jon Bailey: Them to do that long.

DC Douglas: Time. That’d be like, you have me for one voice.

Jon Bailey: This is all I do anymore.

DC Douglas: Call my agent. Oh, I’m getting closer now.

Jon Bailey: As soon as you get $50,000, you can afford me $50,000. You can afford me, Steve, I cannot.

DC Douglas: You just. Yeah.

Jon Bailey: I’ve been practicing on that voice for 30 years, though, so I had a little more time to play with it.

DC Douglas: I’ve had 15 seconds.

Jon Bailey: You’re already further than I was for the first ten years.

DC Douglas: The Steve Blum.

Jon Bailey: You all your.

DC Douglas: Fault. But you and Steve Blum have this thing where.

Jon Bailey: Steve is in.

DC Douglas: Residence is outside of your of your body, where he is one of the most talented.

Jon Bailey: Guys I’ve ever freaking seen. He’s insane. And he’s so hard working, too, like, he’s he’s he earns every dime he makes. He learns every every fan. Oh, somebody missed you in Detroit. I’m so sorry to hear that. Oh, sorry.

DC Douglas: Avalanche three. We had 300 people at the show. I’m sorry. This is a PG one. Okay. Yeah.

Jon Bailey: That’s all right. That’s not necessarily a censored word.

DC Douglas: No, no no, no.

Jon Bailey: There’s another Jeff Bennett character.

DC Douglas: Yeah. He’s like, he plays basically every.

Jon Bailey: Other every other character.

DC Douglas: That we aren’t doing. So and occasionally we’ll have somebody else. I was so excited. This is my show that I got. Even though I didn’t meet him on the show. I met him at a at a place. But Tim Curry, I always wanted to work with Tim Curry my whole life.

Jon Bailey: My buddy Lee Tokar, who also has a tie in two. There you are.

Jon Bailey: That’s today.

Jon Bailey: That’s you. He actually is filling in for Tim Curry since he had a stroke. Yeah.

DC Douglas: Well, on our show.

Jon Bailey: Doing doing Doctor Morocco for, like, games and. Oh, you know him. Yeah. They took our. Yeah. The buddy of mine from Vancouver.

Jon Bailey: Okay.

Jon Bailey: Yeah. He’s a big deal. The reason why you would know him is because he voiced ravage in the original Beast Wars animated series. He came to the show too late. They wanted to get him on, but he was too busy. He was very young at the time, like, super young. And they were like, look, we have a one off role and it’s the best episode of Beast Wars. He came back as the original character ravage, and that’s the toy for it right down there, the one that’s lying on its side, the blue box. Oh, and he signed that. Oh, nice. They didn’t they only made one Japanese version of that ravage toy, and he’s like, oh, I didn’t even know this existed. That’s so cool.

Jon Bailey: That’s cool.

Jon Bailey: And Amari Williams, the guy who does the voice of boulders, he’s a crazy fun like super nice guy. Very.

DC Douglas: He’s he’s the reason I think that we all bonded on the show because he was the one who was his first cartoon ever. And he’s like, hey guys, really?

Jon Bailey: I didn’t know.

DC Douglas: That hang out afterwards. We all go get a drink. And so it’s like, get a drink. Exactly. And so we it was because of him. We’re like. And then Morris showed up and things like that and it just all got really close. Oh the music part now. This is so intimidating. This episode.

Jon Bailey: Why are you singing? Whoa.

Jon Bailey: So is any. Okay? I’m curious. Was anybody nervous about everybody was really. No no no. Oh my God, no. Musical people. Well, I mean, obviously the young lady who.

DC Douglas: Let’s see, I don’t think part was nervous because part has done other musicals. He also just loves to like he’s. What’s the risk? He’ll run into it. The I think Lacey was nervous, even though she’s got a beautiful voice. The I know Steve was nervous. Amari was nervous, I was nervous the diamond wasn’t nervous, I think because diamond is an amazing. But diamond is essentially the next Dionne Warwick and Whitney Houston just put those two together, and that’s that’s diamond white. Just go find her music.

Jon Bailey: I think Steve.

Jon Bailey: Kind of looked up in this episode because his character doesn’t sound like he could sing that great anyway, right? He’s got that really well.

DC Douglas: Right. And he knew that. So they go with that.

Jon Bailey: Yeah. Jason can sing, though.

Jon Bailey: Yeah, I know he sings a lot. Well, I was.

DC Douglas: Looking forward to, like, really trying to sing. And then the song I get was like this the Brechtian thing or whatever, where it had to be like.

Jon Bailey: So you had a hard song. That’s me. That’s acting right there. And that was.

DC Douglas: A character voice that they established in the first episode. And the thing was, is like, I didn’t even know what voice I was doing. I was so nervous that first episode, and they locked it into this thing that I do not feel comfortable doing. I’m like, I could have done a better voice for that.

Jon Bailey: But it’s funny that you get stuck on the character.

DC Douglas: Yeah. So every time I’d come up, I go, can we play a reference, please?

Jon Bailey: Oh, look, they’re doing thriller in the background.

Jon Bailey: Yes.

Jon Bailey: That’s great. I never noticed that before. But see, this is what I’m talking about. Like, there’s little jokes in there for the parents. Yes, that’s why I like this so much. So it’s not just like, oh, the kids want to watch Rescue Bots. You know, it’s like, oh, that’s fun. Watch rescue. I’m cool with that.

Jon Bailey: So would you just please sit tight? So did.

Jon Bailey: Levar Burton record in studio with you guys or is he recorded.

DC Douglas: Remotely? Oh, a lot well, it’s funny. Is originally. No, no, he would come in, but some he would like sometimes have his own session. But then he, like, came to one of the group records, and after that he said, I want to be at the group records. So he’s on our thread too. We’re all on it. Yeah.

Jon Bailey: He was the only one that was not okay. So I have a really quick, awesome story. Dc did not even know that this was me at the time. That’s what’s so funny because he didn’t find out who I was through a Facebook video. I had nothing to do with Honest Trailers, nothing to do with my voiceover career. It was just an impression video that I did as an audition for a show on CBS, and that’s actually how we ended up knowing each other. I thought.

DC Douglas: So I don’t know how I ran across. I think I had seen you on my page a couple times, but I didn’t know anything about you. Right. And then I saw the video and I’m like, oh, this guy is super talented and put it on my page.

Jon Bailey: It’s kind of nice not being typecast as just that one voice. So anyways, I.

DC Douglas: Still don’t know what the epic voice thing is.

Jon Bailey: He still hasn’t seen any honest trailers yet.

Jon Bailey: You know I’m not.

Jon Bailey: So anyways Marissa martius did such a nice guy. I had asked him if he would do me a favor and record, like, a sentence or two as Chief Burns for our autistic son. And months went by, and I understand. I mean, you have to understand, like, I know how busy I am, and I’m just, like, this big compared to these other guys. And I was like, he’s probably super busy. I’m not gonna bug him. When we ran into each other at a convention and I just, I brought it up again. He’s like, oh, I got the thing. I’m sending the the audio files. And I was like, audio files, plurals. And he was he’s like, yeah, I got the whole cast. I thought he was just going to send me a solo thing, and he got everybody except for LeVar Burton. He got everybody there to record this thing in the character for our kids. And so I took the audio from that and used my son’s toys to make an actual rescue bots. So you have.

DC Douglas: That online, by the way.

Jon Bailey: I don’t have it online. That was just for him, just personal use. So I didn’t feel like it was fair to exploit that and post it and be like, you know I thought about it, but I never did.

DC Douglas: You should know, you should text it to me and I will text it to the group because I think they would love to see it.

Jon Bailey: I’ll work on.

DC Douglas: That. They would.

Jon Bailey: Yeah. And I never got. I’m just sad that I never even got a chance to to audition for the show. So I got to audition for Robots in Disguise a few times. Got beat up by Jim Cummings. Like, how can I be mad at that? Like, yeah, just just Jim coming. But yeah, that was. And that was before you even knew that it was me. That’s that’s really wild. Yeah. And it was so nice. Everybody was just so kind. And I was like, oh, crap, man. He just went way above and beyond. My kid’s favorite Tyler’s favorite character is the dog.

DC Douglas: Is it really? Yeah.

Jon Bailey: How about me?

DC Douglas: I love this.

Jon Bailey: Me.

DC Douglas: That’s funny. Is I actually wrote a cabaret song called It’s About Me. It’s all about me. And anyway, they ripped me off, so I’m going to sue, I’m sure.

Jon Bailey: To win that contract. Now that I.

Jon Bailey: Can say, yeah, this the whole show basically is about teamwork and problem solving, and it really does. It really does connect with with kids, especially autistic kids, which is really odd to me. And I’ve I’ve noticed that I used to be on Transformers forums when I was a teenager, and I noticed a lot of autistic fans in each one of them because, I mean, you know, about autism, like, every kid is a little bit different, right? And some of them, it was the music that made them love it.

Jon Bailey: Traditionally start.

DC Douglas: With ten, which means please pay.

Jon Bailey: Attention and another number follows. Then I am the very model of a modern major general. Exactly, exactly.

DC Douglas: I had to rerecord this though, because the first time I had a cold and then they came back and they said, if you, you know, like, thank God.

Jon Bailey: It’s so.

DC Douglas: Great they.

Jon Bailey: Advertise the crap out of this.

DC Douglas: Episode for something here that’s like, they I can’t believe they included it like it got past their

Jon Bailey: If by any chance way. Right.

DC Douglas: And the next one, this next one coming up, they’re like, they really let that pass.

Jon Bailey: The censors extra police here coming up the piece one three. Bad weather coming in for nine and for the next of kin in the next.

DC Douglas: That means they died.

Jon Bailey: I never noticed that show before. Wow. You’re right. I can’t believe that got left in. This is the greatest commentary. And I don’t even have to buy the DVD to get this. I’m getting my first hand commentary. Well, I never would have even noticed that I’ve watched this when it premiered. I watched it and I didn’t catch that.

DC Douglas: I mean, in my mind I’m like, well, yes, everybody has to learn about death eventually. So.

Jon Bailey: And did you know Michael Bell before he joined the cast?

DC Douglas: No, the first time I met him

Jon Bailey: He’s.

DC Douglas: Oh, wait. No, actually, I met Michael Bell at a convention, a Transformers convention in Texas. And it was just a really fun guy, like we had. We really hit it because he was an on camera actor for a long while as well. So we were exchanging like, kind of through generational stories about that, that kind of life. Right. And and then all of a sudden, like a month later, he was on the show. And so he’s actually been to the house a couple parties, and he and his wife, his wife is gorgeous. Oh yeah

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