VO Buzz Weekly And DC

VO Buzz Weekly And DC

If you’re interested in having a voice over career, or just curious about the business, there is one website you must have bookmarked: VO Buzz Weekly!  If my words can’t encourage you to do that, then how about my face?  Talking?  And unnecessary gesticulation?

In other words, I’ll be a guest on the show February 17th and 24th, 2013.

VO Buzz Weekly is an interview series with the top names in the voice over industry.  Occasionally, they let strange people like me on the show. 😉  Recent guests include Grey DeLisle, Bill Ratner, Beau Weaver, EG Daily, Dave Fennoy, Pat Fraley, Debi Derryberry, Billy West, Bob Bergen… Okay, I’m exhausted, but the list goes on and on!

The show is hosted by Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad.  I’ve known Chuckie for over a decade and the man embodies the lovable, huggable side of rock’n’roll.  I was honored that he and the talented (and purdy) Stacey J. Aswad asked me to come on the show.

But I need your help!  We shoot my segments this Friday and I don’t wanna show up empty handed, kids.  So, here’s what I need from you guys – QUESTIONS!  I will take the top 10 questions with me to the show and answer them.  I’ll also give you a shout out and mention your website, if you have one.

So, in the comments section below, please give me a question you would like answered (also your name and website, if any).

Help me create the Top 10 Questions About Voiceover That I’m Too Lazy To Google!

But there are rules!

Questions must be about one of these:
1. The business of voice acting.
2. The craft of voice acting
3. The career of the voice actor in general.

No questions about:
1. Resident Evil, Mass Effect, or other shows/games.
2. No fan questions, please.

The point of the Top 10 Questions About Voiceover That I’m Too Lazy To Google is to help the VO Buzz audience, which consists of people wanting to get into the voice over business.

So, won’t you help?  I have 2 days to do this!

Ask away!


Thanks for all the questions.  We got a few into the show.  Be sure to watch!