Wondla, FriendzSpace & Killer Klowns: A DC Douglas Month

Wondla, FriendzSpace & Killer Klowns: A DC Douglas Month

TSG: Today, we have the absolute pleasure of chatting with the ever-talented D.C. Douglas, a man whose vocal cords have breathed life into some of the most memorable characters in gaming and animation. With not one, but three exciting projects coming out this month, we couldn’t resist diving deep into the world of D.C. and his latest roles. So, grab your popcorn and let’s jump right in!

Friend Z Space: The Delightful Bot Dog

Q: Friend Z Space sounds like a blast, D.C.! How did you get involved in this project, and what drew you to the character of Bot Dog?

A: I love it when people ask me what drew me to a certain character as if I ever have a choice! The truth is, I often get cast as robots and artificial intelligence systems. So this was a natural fit. The lovely people at Bang Zoom! in North Hollywood sent me the audition, and I was lucky enough to land the role.

Q: What can you tell us about Bot Dog’s personality and role in Friend Z Space? Any fun or quirky traits that stand out?

A: Dan Clark, the co-creator of the show, has such a great comedic sensibility. He saw Bot Dog as a slight throwback to Monty Python in terms of delivering exposition. So, for many episodes, when Bot Dog comes to life, the approach is to give that officious yet tongue-in-cheek delivery. Get the facts out fast and in the most entertaining way possible.

Q: Since Friend Z Space is already out on YouTube, what has been the audience’s reaction to your character so far?

A: I literally just stumbled upon it yesterday! I was so excited to finally see all the episodes! It’s hard to say since YouTube children’s videos disable the comments – thank God! But my reaction as an adult is total glee, not just because I’m in it, but because these episodes are truly so well done. I really hope people find this show on YouTube and watch it. Have their kids watch it. It’s truly amazing.

Q: Who are some of the other voice actors in Friend Z Space, and how was it working with them?

A: Many shows today have us record remotely from our own home studios, so I didn’t get to work with any of the other actors. I only got to hear them in the final product. But the main cast is fantastic! So very authentic yet silly as hell. Of course, we also have voiceover superstar Christina Valenzuela in it, providing a menagerie of voices throughout the season. Any show is lucky to have her!

Q: Given your excitement and the quality of the show, how would you pitch Friend Z Space to parents looking for new content for their kids?

A: A very clever, contemporary cartoon that tackles today’s issues in a very creative way. The show doesn’t talk down to the kids. It’s truly from their POV, but with heightened stakes and gooey things in outer space!

DC Douglas as BotDog on Friendzspace

Platform: YouTube

Character: Bot Dog

Release: Already out

Creators: Dan Clark, Oscar Covar

Casting Company: Bang Zoom! Entertainment

Voice Cast: D.C. Douglas, Jeannie Tirado, Cedric L. Williams, Corina Better, Christina Valenzuela, and others

Wondla: Enter the Omnipod

Q: Wondla is a highly anticipated series, especially since it’s based on Tony DiTerlizzi’s beloved book. What can you tell us about your character, Omnipod, and how did you prepare for this role?

A: I wrapped myself around my friend’s wrist and used ChatGPT to answer all their questions. Of course, they ruined their shoulder joint, so that only lasted for five minutes! Like I said, I tend to get cast as robots and artificial intelligence, so again, this role was right up my alley. Though not as silly as Bot Dog, since this show is aimed at an older age bracket, Omnipod still embodies many humorous quirks. I actually think of him as a more personable version of a character I voiced in Mass Effect called Legion.

Q: This show started recording during the pandemic, so everybody was remote.

A: Actually, I did go into the studio, but the entire production team called in on Zoom. It was just me and my masked engineer. I also had no idea that the cast was so amazing! To say that I’m honored to be in this cartoon is an understatement. The last time I felt like I was in the room with creative grown-ups was playing Chase in Transformers Rescue Bots.

Q: Were there any particular challenges or memorable moments during the recording sessions for Wondla that you’d like to share?

A: What was a nice surprise was that as we got into the middle of the season of recording these episodes, which took place over two years, they realized Omnipod was funnier than expected. So they came back with more lines for past episodes to build on what I had been hinting at in my voice previously.

Q: With Wondla set to premiere on Apple TV+, what are your hopes for how audiences will receive the series and your character, Omnipod?

A: Well, Omnipod is really there to facilitate aspects of the plot. It would be nice to think people will get attached to him, but there is so much in this amazing world to be smitten with. It’s really more of a film diced up into episodes, considering the scope of the story and the detail of the animation.

dc douglas omnipod wondla apple tv
Platform: Apple TV+

Character: Omnipod

Release Date: June 28

Plot Summary: Based on Tony DiTerlizzi’s “The Search for WondLa,” the series follows Eva, a teenager raised in an underground bunker by a robot caretaker. After an attack forces her to the surface, she embarks on a quest to find other humans.

Showrunner/Executive Producer: Bobs Gannaway

Executive Producers: Tony DiTerlizzi, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Jeremy Bell, Julie Kane-Ritsch, John Lasseter, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg

Voice Cast: Jeanine Mason (Eva), Teri Hatcher (Muthr), Brad Garrett (Otto), Gary Anthony Williams (Rovender), Chiké Okonkwo (Besteel), D.C. Douglas (Omnipod), Alan Tudyk (Cadmus Pryde)

Production Company: Skydance Animation

Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game – The Mysterious Wesker Newton

Q: Killer Klowns from Outer Space has a cult following, and now it’s being turned into a video game. What can you tell us about your character, Wesker Newton, and what makes his story so fascinating?

A: I love telling this story because it truly was so unexpected. So again, like I said, most of these jobs are recorded remotely, sometimes in the studio, and the creators are remote. But many times, it’s out of my home studio, and I don’t get to see anybody, just hear their voices. As we were getting into the first session of Killer Klowns, I happened to offhandedly mention that this was the second time I’ve ever voiced a character named Wesker. I said I didn’t think Wesker was even that common of a name. The producer on the line said, “Well, that’s because the writer is a big fan of the Resident Evil video game franchise and the character Albert Wesker.” I just couldn’t stop laughing. The producer asked why, and I said, “I voice Albert Wesker in nine Resident Evil games!” At that moment, they burst out laughing and said, “I have to text the writer right now.” The writer texted back that he was freaking out and was tickled pink. It was a very funny moment. Though this character, Wesker Newton, is not at all like Albert Wesker! What was delicious about this character is that he’s loosely based on Alex Jones.

Q: Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game is expected to resonate with both old fans of the movie and new gamers. What are your hopes for how audiences will receive the game and your character, Wesker Newton?

A: Well, this is going to be interesting to find out because my character, from what I gather so far, is hidden on cassette tapes you have to find. But if you do, then I help you through the game a lot. But if you don’t access those tapes, you miss out on all the zany craziness that is Wesker Newton. I had a blast recording this and did a bit of ad-libbing as well because it’s too much fun to spoof Alex Jones!

DC Douglas as Wesker in Killer Klowns

Platform: Steam

Character: Wesker Newton

Release Date: June 4

Plot Summary: Based on the 1988 cult classic film, this game brings the wacky horror-comedy to life where players encounter alien clowns terrorizing a small town. Wesker Newton, D.C.’s character, provides hidden cassette tapes that offer guidance through the game.

Directors: Randy Greenback, Luis Daniel Zambrano

Writer: David Bergantino

Voice Cast: Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, Tom Savini, Alejandro Saab, Anairis Quinones, Anne Yatco, Caleb Yen, Cassie Ewulu, Chelsea Rebecca, Claudia Dunn, Daniel Ross, Danielle McRae, Darius Marquis Johnson, Dawn M. Bennett, D.C. Douglas, Dino Andrade, Ed Mace, Eric Newsome, Jared Martzell, Jason Charles Miller, Jodina Scazzola, Jordan Dash Cruz, Jordan Reynolds, Lani Minella, Lauren Synger, Marc Graue, Nazeeh Tarsha, Nicholas Corda, Sadie Medley, Tom Haney

Producers: Charles Chiodo, Edward Chiodo, Stephen Chiodo, Cristina Crane, Randy Greenback, Amanda Kruse, Cyndi Ordoñez, Ivan Francisco Perez, Luis Daniel Zambrano

Music by: John Massari

Casting By: Ruben Olvera Carvajal, Lani Minella

TSG: D.C. Douglas continues to captivate audiences with his versatile voice work, whether it’s as the quirky Bot Dog in Friend Z Space, the humorous yet helpful Omnipod in Wondla, or the zany Wesker Newton in Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game. His talent, dedication, and unique experiences bring an unmatched charm to each of his characters, making them memorable and beloved by fans old and new. Be sure to catch all these fantastic projects and experience the magic of D.C. Douglas’s voice!