Behind The Scenes: Voiceover

Behind The Scenes: Voiceover

For fans of myself and voice actor, Steve Blum, this post will serve as a peek behind the internet mayhem we sporadically released from the recording studio of The Hub’s “Transformers: Rescue Bots.” For the rest of you, it’ll just seem plain bizarre.

I had mentioned to Steve that I planned to put all our Photoshop joke pictures into a video as a simple recap of the fun we had. But I was fooling myself.

I have a disease.

And I haven’t done a Tweaked Nipple video or Hit-The-Fan film short in forever! I texted the other voice actors to send me what pictures and videos they had so I could concoct something grander.

They obliged.

I concocted.

Now you get to feast your eyes and ears on THIS:

(And, no, we’re not angling for a guest shot on “My Little Pony!” They only hire Canadians, those poopie heads.)

* Β * Β * Β * Β * Β * Β *

And because I’m too busy to create a blog post for this new trailer, I’ll plop it right here! But it is voice over related. The lovely producers of this film cast me in it as one of the leads because they were fans of my voice over work as Albert Wesker. You may see a resemblance here… πŸ˜‰

Oh! This is the rated R version… Proceed with caution:

To learn more about this project, read this.