IndiePix Has ‘The Crooked Eye’

IndiePix Has ‘The Crooked Eye’

Aaahhh.  It’s nice to write about something “acting related” after my detour into political insanity and the whirling dervish that is the regurgitating-devil-spawn of an amphetamine-driven media and a diarrhetic-opinion-spewing blogosphere.  (Am I being too kind?) I am grateful to be back to normal… well, my kind of normal.

My three-years-in-the-making film short, “The Crooked Eye,” has found a home for the next three years at IndiePix Films in New York!  Part of our arrangement includes potential distribution through iTunes!

IndiePix Films was founded in 2004 and has steadily accumulated quite a catalogue.  Recent acquisitions include “We Live In Public” (an amazing documentary about Josh Harris that won Sundance’s Grand Jury prize), “Frontrunner” (about Massouda’s run for the presidency of Afghanistan), “Loins Of Punjab,” “Copyright Criminals,” “Samson and Delilah,” and many Academy Award winning short films.

Now you can see the “film that ate my life” from 2006 to 2009 for only $1.99 online!  (Not a bad deal when you consider what it did to my IRA!)

For those who don’t know, “The Crooked Eye” stars Fay Masterson (Zemeckis’ “A Christmas Carol,” “Eyes Wide Shut,” “The Quick and the Dead”), Katherine Boecher (“The Spy Next Door,” “Crossroads,” “Supernatural”) and is narrated by the incomparable Linda Hunt (Academy Award winner for “The Year Of Living Dangerously” and currently on “NCIS: Los Angeles”).  The actors were shot on green screen and then the entire environs were done with CGI for a sublimely surreal psychological experience.

We played over twenty festivals around the world and won several awards, including Best Animated Short from the RedRock Film Festival and Best Screenplay from the HDFest – New York.

So, please help my little film get out into the world by sharing this link:



Directed and adapted by D.C. Douglas from a short story by Betty Malicoat.  Starring Linda Hunt, Fay Masterson, Katherine Boecher, D.C. Douglas, Joe Duer, Clement Blake, Monnae Michaell, Ari Barak, Robin Daléa, and Karen McClain. Original music by Abraham Peraza and Lilia Popova. Visual effects lead by Pency Kinnard with Newton Renato DePaoli and Matt Griffith.