Happy Mentor’s Day

Happy Mentor’s Day

I should be writing a blog about Father’s Day and how my dad supported my decision to be an actor though the years, even when he saw me performing “Sweet Transvestite” in my room as he was taking out the trash. I should, but my dad isn’t a blog reader!  And, although he loves me dearly, pestering him to read one would fall under the “annoying son” category. (I did give him a shout out on Facebook, so don’t judge me!)

Instead, I thought I’d celebrate myself!  (Indeed, this must be an actor’s blog.)

Actually, I mean to celebrate what it is to be a mentor.  I’m lucky enough to have met Tony LoRe at a weekend party three years ago and listened to his Gospel of Mentoring.  He was quite moving and inspirational.  Months later, I was officially a mentor with the Youth Mentoring Connection of Los Angeles.  My mentee was one of the youngest that year — Joel Henriquez.

Two and a half years later the little guy is getting bigger and I am feeling old.

A lot of our time together is a negotiation between doing fun things (frozen yogurt and violent movies) and things that will open up his world (Renaissance Faire, Long Beach Aquarium).  Two weeks ago we achieved the perfect compromise… We made a film short.  We shot it in four hours around his neighborhood and my backyard (though edited in ten hours – Final Cut Pro X, why so innovative yet you leave out basic functions?).

The film you are about to see explores love, hope, dreams, youth, death, existence and choosing the right weapon… We hope it moves you as much as it made us laugh.

Oh, and happy Mentor’s Day to any mentors reading this, current ones and future ones…

(Be sure to watch in HD and go fullscreen, baby!)

Dedicated to the Youth Mentoring Connection of Los Angeles.  Please visit their website to learn more about becoming a mentor.