Inside Your Tube

Inside Your Tube

It ain’t pretty!  Yes, life in the material plane can clog up your “soul tube” after awhile.  Most of us will clean it out privately, with a good book, meditation, maybe even a vacation to the tropics.

Unfortunately, this new-fangled invention called the Internet (a series of tubes, I’m told) is changing this ritual.  Now, people can log into any chat room, message board or blog and just simply blow out their tube’s gunk onto the pixel page.

I know, I know, this is nothing new.  But since posting our Tea Party PSA on YouTube last month, I received a more intimate tour of the internet’s societal gunk-fest.  It was 30 days of getting to know my fellow human being… and I have to admit that there’s at least 15% whose words left an oily sheen on my eyes.

The depth of ugliness and assumptions was so staggering, that I had to make a video about it!  So, without further blogging what can be seen on video, here is our latest contribution to the YouTube world (rated PG-13)… Enjoy (and pass it on!):

Yes, voice over provided by D.C. Douglas... He was very generous with his time. 😉