2010: Mr. K Scratched An Itch

2010: Mr. K Scratched An Itch

It was but a dandruff flake floating down onto the keyboard.  It had been dislodged from its perch on the thickest and oiliest eyebrow hair by the furious typing of Mr. K.  He was pouring all his a-tonal passion and hope for a quick spin around the intoxicating media news cycle onto the keyboard of his PC.  (Mr. K feared the sensuality of iMacs.)  Once he was finished, he read it quickly for a mental pat-on-the-back, then clicked “publish.”

Mr. K. then sent his freedom-loving-corporate-fed minions scurrying off into the night with copies of his strategic outrage so they, too, could triumph “Lower Taxes, Less Government, and More Freedom” on their interconnected websites of sameness.  All while an insurance giant slept and an anonymous actor in L.A. dreamt of residual checks.

When all was said and done… When all the facts had fallen out of place and lay distorted by convenience… When the pretty women on Fox tired of showing the same headshot (that seemed to sneer or condescend depending upon the chyron chosen)… When the outraged blogosphere sucked out all the topical oxygen and the tea party’s fury fire died with a “pffffffh” leaving but a luke-warm cup of disgust…  When the flatulent circus waddled begrudgingly to the Louisiana coast… All that remained was Mr. K’s right eyebrow hair’s displaced dandruff flake, resting between the question mark and shift keys;  A lone reminder of how important it all was.

To my lady, family, friends, peers and clients who offered up their support this year, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And to the numerous strangers who reached out to me, I thank you, too.  It was an odd and remarkable journey.

To Adam J. Rose and The Huffington Post, I would marry you both if I believed in marriage and sister-wives.

And to those who sent me misspelled “caveman” insult emails with allusions to your genitalia or my sexual preference, I thank you, as well.  You helped answer my initial question.

And lastly, I’d like to thank YouTube.  Who knew a weekend hobby could be so much fun?!  Here were my 2010 contributions.  Enjoy and have a wonderful, dandruff-free 2011!