Political Voiceovers?  Sometimes.

Political Voiceovers? Sometimes.

Today, my blog gets a little naked for Lou Dobbs.  Please don’t turn away in disgust.

There are many voiceover actors who will not provide their services for anything that is contrary to their political views.  I’m not one of them.   I don’t think the power of my voice and the quality of my timber can actually make someone do something. (Just like video games and rock music don’t make you do anything – you and your brain/brain chemistry are responsible!)   If I’m not recording it, someone else is.  I’d rather the money landed in my bank account – a secular Liberal with Libertarian leanings…[audio:https://dcdouglas.com/voice_over_demos/dcpolitical.mp3]… That money will then one day underwrite a donation of my services to a cause I find worthy.  Today is such a day.

Now, this is where I can get into a little trouble.  Some reading this may inundate me with requests for free voiceover for their cause.  Please don’t.  I pick my causes as I go, but I usually just donate money to charity, privately.  So, please no email requests.  [Shamless Plug begins] But if you’d like to hire me – check out My Voiceover Guy! [This concludes the Shameless Plug portion of the blog.]

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I also worried that posting this video would reveal me for the Liberal that I am and I might lose subscribers (or clients)… Then I thought, “Are there racists, homophobes, ‘birthers’ or ‘tea-baggers’ following this blog?”  After a good laugh, I thought, “Probably not, but it’ll clean house just in case!” (By the way, doesn’t the whole “Tea Bagger” name just crack you up?  Didn’t anyone in the Americans for Prosperity organization Google it, for God’s sake?  Perhaps that’s what happens if you and your friends only engage in Biblical sex… As in “missionary,” not shepherds and goats.  Oy, this post is riding the line!)


Speech - Free

I am a big fan of Media Matters and FactCheck.org.  Recently, I ran across a video for Media Matters and noticed they released it with just a scratch track for the VO.  I called them up and discovered that their budget was quite tight.  I offered my services for anything they might need in the future.  Below is our first project together.  I hope to do more for them and FactCheck.org in the future… But know this: because I donate my services to them, I will only voice what I believe in.  If you think you heard me on some city councilman’s spot in Arizona, know I did that for the money.  Regardless, the way you vote, think and speak your mind is totally up to you.

The following is for their “Drop Dobbs: Halt The Hate” campaign.
[stream flv=x:/dcdouglas.com/videos/Dobbs.flv img=x:/dcdouglas.com/videos/dobbs.jpg embed=false share=false width=450 height=253 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]