Dear Online Trump Supporter

Dear Online Trump Supporter

Well, it’s pretty evident I had a backlog of things to address about Trump!

I have been holding off doing another Tweaked Nipple Video because the insanity has been non-stop. I realized if I did edit a video that it would be old news by the time I put it online! There’s literally no winning with Trump.

Then I realized what I needed to do was condense all the craziness into a short video – at least, as short as I could make it while still scratching my outrage itch.

This video is my “snarky info-bomb online response video” – for all of us, really – to freely use in place of 15+ tweets or Facebook responses to that one infuriating Trump supporter who seems to have missed the more in-your-face facts about our president.

It’s a dense video for a dense audience so, yes, it’s self defeating! 🙃Lol! But I sure had fun letting it all out.

Perhaps there will be some who will watch it more than once. Maybe even stop on certain points to read the supporting information – which is mainly taken from right wing news sources (using the addicts candy to open their mind)… Maybe they won’t even watch it. But I am cleansed for now. And a little self-care in this new #Resistance time is a good thing…

Beware, it’s packed and fast and it’s meant to make you go back and stop in places to get more information. Again, it’s an info bomb online response video. So copy the link and paste/post away!


Dearest Trump supporter
aka Deplorable, Trumpster, MAGA train passenger, alt-righter, and/or angry white person.

Fill-in-the-blank is absolutely wrong and you are RIGHT. The comment you wrote on (insert social media platform) is well thought out and dutifully researched.

Fill-in-the-blank is simply a triggered Socialist snowflake melting inside a safe space meme.

It is objectively obvious that Trump IS making America great again!

By letting Coal companies pour toxic sludge back into the waterways.

By building a beautiful wall that will keep out people who overstay their Visas and give The Rio Grand back to Mexico – where it belongs.

Approving pipelines that will create big big jobs in America
(75 permanent jobs to be exact)

And with ONLY American steel!
(except over 70 percent will come from other countries)

He’s draining the swamp of Wall Street executives and replacing them with Wall Street executives.

Appointing the best of the best people: Education? Anti-public schools! EPA? Anti-EPA! FDA? Anti-FDA! Housing? A brain surgeon!

He’s ending pay-for-play by making playas pay $200,000 membership fees at Mar-A-Lago while increasing transparency.

Trump is truly MAGA-ing with a totally constitutional non-muslim-ban muslim ban on those black-ish people from countries lacking a Trump property.

Well, he tried. But TWICE! Because he’s a man of his word.

A man who used his best words to say he’d never golf like Obummer

and never vacation

or bomb Syria

Because Trump is a REAL American. He’s just an ordinary billionaire like you and me.

He is not a sexist

or a racist
Though he keeps a few racists around the house for gene therapy.

or someone who lies.


and over.

But most importantly, he’s the victim of the unhinged libtard dumbocrap lost-the-election-fake news Russia witch hunt of which he’s totally innocent. Bigly.

Once we ignore these 20 points:

Trump, after 7 bankruptcies, could only get financing thru Deutsche Bank, America’s #1 money laundromat for Russian oligarchy studs – and spring board for Trump’s Commerce Secretary & Hannah Barbara cartoon character Wilbur Ross.

Russian intelligence front RACC’s Sergei Millian arranging Trump’s 2007 Moscow visit.

Trump Jr (the pretty one) bragging in 2008 that he saw a lot of money pouring in from Russia.

Trump’s public fellating of Putin while deriding US allies for the last two years.

Carter Page secret Moscow meeting with CEO Rosneft Igor Sechin to negotiate fees on 19% company share deal that later takes place with murky details.

Trump campaign being offered hacked documents damaging to KILLary, which Russians published through “condomless” Assange’s Wikileaks so they’d have deniability.

That those documents were in exchange for Trump policy making Russia’s invasion of Ukraine okie dokie and instead bashing NATO countries for not splitting the dinner bill properly.

Campaign manager Paul Manafort, once pay-rolled by Pro-Rusky Ukrainian interests, choosing Page as Russian go-between.

Ambassador & Pillsbury Dough Boy spy Kislyak meeting with Jarod Kushner, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, JD Gordon, Walid Phares, and “runt of the Jim Crow litter” Jeff Sessions.

Sessions, Flynn and Kushner denying or omitting ever meeting Kislyak.

Mayflower hotel. Google it.

Trump campaign JD Gordon insisting GOP remove platform provision sending “lethal defensive weapons” to Ukraine.

Private cyber security firms and the U.S. Intelligence community concluding Russian intelligence hacked DNC – and not a young, poor, Chinese version of Trump on his bed in his underwear.

Cocaine dusted Nixon buttplug Roger Stone psychically predicting John Podesta’s emails being published.

Trump appointing “I see conspiracies” Michael Flynn, who sucked at the teat of Kremlin’s RT & others, to be national security advisor.

President being informed Flynn lied about Kysliak meeting then doing nothing for two weeks until the enemy of the state fake news MSM revealed it.

Trump deflecting attention from investigations by having ethically challenged Trump transition alum Nunes run in circles to Alley Oop standard intelligence gathering reports into new faux scandal.

Trump deflecting attention by stoking some Benghazi nostalgia with Donna Rice accusations.

Trump deflecting from investigation by decrying The Leakers!

And, speaking of leakers, the simple fact that Trump truly looks like a guy who digs call girls peeing on him because anything with the word “gold” in it must be good and mean Daddy loves him a little bit more.

Yes, once we let Alex Jone’s mouth foam bathe us with true reason and discount all those Nobama planted alternative facts, YOU, yes you avatars of Pepe, eggs and Bald eagles with Dylan Roof eyes, you are right. And alright. And alt-right.

Make America Great Again

Trump is putting America First – in front of him. So he can have a cushion once it crashes.