Albert Wesker Caught On Camera

Albert Wesker Caught On Camera

I had no idea that when I made the faux bloopers reel for Resident Evil fans that it would become so popular (closing in on 90,000 views).  But apparently dead villains still have quite a draw.

Now, after many requests for another one, I couldn’t pass up Andy’s suggestion in the comments area of the Albert Wesker Voicemail For Charity competition.  The idea was just too silly.  Of course, figuring out how to do it with old footage was a bit difficult, so forgive me if it doesn’t quite always work.  (And for those who are tired of the Old Spice parodies, bite me –I say that with love.)

Without further ado, Andy’s suggestion:

I know you might have many more suggestions, but I’m afraid that’s it for a long while.  Regardless, it was a pleasure to make another video “thank you” to the RE fans.  You guys really do rock.

If you enjoyed this video, please consider making a donation to your favorite charity in Albert Wesker’s name… (Charity Navigator.)