Albert Wesker: Erotic All These Years

Albert Wesker: Erotic All These Years

“Would you mind reading my Wesker Fanfic?”

Little did I know that when I booked a random gig in a game called Umbrella Chronicles playing a character named Albert Wesker in 2006 that 15 years later, I would be performing erotic fanfiction to an audience of 500 people in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is just one of the many unexpected journeys that the Resident Evil franchise sent me on over the years. But it is certainly my favorite of them all. It started with odd requests from people on Facebook combined with a random reading at a Q&A panel that led me to the idea of creating not just a unique after-hours panel for convention appearances, but an actual show! I knew that these Resident Evil fans wanted to be in the Resident Evil reality and performing with the character Albert Wesker.

So I made a blog post asking for fans to send me their favorite fanfics. After collecting so many of them and also commissioning a few combinations I was missing, I then went through all of them and tweaked the misogyny, flipping the script so to speak. I added in much more dialogue and humor, and then began trying it out at conventions. It started as a 30-minute show in Florida and 9 years later, it was a two-hour show at DragonCon.

I was truly proud of this show. I traveled with two colorful LED stage lights to create mood and I irked many a tech person trying to get the right A/V connections and lighting for the rooms I performed in. There were times I had to perform in a room that was next to a rave, and the audience still loved it! Resident Evil fans are truly a joy to perform for. But as the years went on, I realized half the audience didn’t even know Albert Wesker or Resident Evil, and that made me even happier that they would wait in line to see the show and laugh their asses off.

I always knew that one day I would have to stop performing it because I certainly didn’t want to be 65 years old, collecting Social Security, and then getting on stage and talking about being honry! So when Capcom, after nine games, cast different actors in the voice role of Albert Wesker, I figured it was time to hang the g-string, er, shades up. And that just so happened to line up with my appearance at DragonCon in 2022, a perfect sendoff for a wild and wonderful chapter of my life.

So without further ado, enjoy this final performance of the notorious zombie-related erotic fanfic show!

The FINAL Notorious Zombie Related Erotic FanFic Show

The FINAL Notorious Zombie Related Erotic FanFic Show

A Primer For The RE Virgin

Greetings, I am Albert Wesker, a prominent figure in the Resident Evil universe. Allow me to enlighten you about this franchise and my role within it. Resident Evil is a survival horror video game series that follows the harrowing adventures of various characters as they combat the nefarious Umbrella Corporation and its bioweapons, known as B.O.W.s.

Throughout the series, I have played a pivotal role as a former captain of the Raccoon City Police Department’s S.T.A.R.S. unit and a double agent working for Umbrella. My intelligence, strength, and cunning have allowed me to manipulate events from behind the scenes, often pitting my former S.T.A.R.S. teammates against the horrors created by Umbrella.

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, two of my former subordinates, have been a thorn in my side as they consistently unravel my schemes and thwart my plans for global domination. Leon S. Kennedy, another survivor of the Raccoon City incident, has also proven to be a formidable adversary in my quest for power.

As the series progresses, my true nature as a genetically enhanced superhuman is revealed, and my ambitions grow ever more sinister. I have orchestrated numerous outbreaks and catastrophes, all in the name of advancing my own agenda and securing my place as the dominant force in a world populated by superior beings.

The Resident Evil franchise is a thrilling journey through a world filled with horror, suspense, and bioterrorism. As Albert Wesker, I have been both a mastermind and a nemesis, driving the narrative forward with my relentless pursuit of power. Whether you find yourself fighting alongside my enemies or falling victim to my machinations, one thing is certain: my presence looms large over the entire series, and my legacy will endure long after the final battle has been fought.