Albert Wesker Invites You To Laugh

Albert Wesker Invites You To Laugh

Ah, the pleasure of introductions. I, Albert Wesker, have been given many faces and forms through the years, but none so compelling as that granted by D.C. Douglas. The voice that fueled my fire, the breath behind my reign of terror within the hallowed horrors of Resident Evil. Before I escort you through a cavalcade of delightful mischief and mayhem embodied in the fan service videos you so crave, allow me the honor of unveiling the man behind the monster.

Image: A young man in a color-blocked sweater relaxes on a chair with one leg crossed over the other, gesturing with his finger to his temple. "Not me," he thinks humorously to -- D.C. DouglasD.C. Douglas, a name that resonates with an aura of gravitas and a tinge of the theatrical, was not birthed into the limelight but rather fought valiantly to claim his place within it. The journey began, not amidst the zombies and the shadowed, but under the stark lights of the stage and the relentless buzz of the camera. From humble origins, he ascended, driven by a relentless pursuit of craft and a fervent passion for storytelling. His trajectory was not unlike my own quest for power—calculated, relentless, and undeterred by the specter of obscurity.

Through the years, Douglas has donned many guises, lending his voice to characters as diverse as they are dynamic. However, it is the role of Albert Wesker in Resident Evil that has immortalized him in the annals of video game history. From the cold corridors of Umbrella’s facilities to the chaotic sprawl of infected cities, Douglas’s voice has been my vessel. He first embraced my essence in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007), and his voice carried my will through the intense narratives of Resident Evil 5 (2009) and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009). Our journey continued in Resident Evil: Lost in Nightmares (2010), and he skillfully navigated the deadly world of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D (2011). Our collaboration extended into Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (2015), and finally into the strategic card battles of Teppen (2019), where his voice once again brought my formidable persona to life.

DC Douglas in SharknadoBut his talents stretch beyond the confines of my world. Douglas has graced the screen in notable appearances in television and film, weaving through genres and characters with the ease of a chameleon. His credits—a tapestry of roles—include poignant appearances in NCIS, Charmed, and the Academy Award losing performance in Sharknado 2. Yet, it is in the vocal booth where Douglas truly conjures magic, his voice a conduit for characters ranging from the comic to the cosmic.

As we venture forth into the catalog of videos that celebrate, parody, and immortalize the character of Albert Wesker, remember the architect of this legacy. D.C. Douglas, not merely the voice of a villain, but the voice of versatility and vision. Now, follow me, dear readers, as we delve into a collection crafted to chill, charm, and chuckle—a showcase of villainy and virtuosity waiting on his digital domain for your perusal and pleasure.

The 12 Days of Evil:

12 Days of EvilWhat better way to celebrate the holiday season than a melody that chills the soul while warming the heart? Together with the virtuosic Lily Popova and a visionary animator, we’ve transformed the mundane carol of The 12 Days of Christmas into a rock symphony of terror and jubilation. Revel in this annual favorite, and perhaps introduce it to unsuspecting guests at your next holiday gathering.

Life With Al – An Unlikely Cohabitation:

Life With Albert WeskerImagine, if you will, the ultimate odd couple—myself, the embodiment of calculated evil, juxtaposed against the trivialities of domestic life. Created with the ingenious Rachel Leone, this micro-series captures my attempts to navigate the absurdity of mundane human existence. It’s a spectacle of discomfort and hilarity, perfect for those moments when you crave a dose of chaos in the ordinary.

A Decade of Dominance – Celebrating Ten Years of Wesker:

10 Years as Albert WeskerTen years—a mere blink in the grand tapestry of time, yet significant enough to mark my indelible impact on your world. This video, unveiled during the notorious zombie-related erotic fanfic show, encapsulates a decade of my reign over your fears and fantasies. It’s a celebration of my enduring legacy and a call to arms for those who dare to reminisce about the glory of Wesker.

Deep Thoughts on Resident Evil:

Resident Evil 4 LeonEven a mind as advanced as mine enjoys the occasional trivial pursuit. Filmed in the bleak yet inspiring landscapes of Detroit, this video features my musings on the Resident Evil universe—thoughts so profound they might just unravel the very fabric of your understanding of horror and heroism.

Wesker’s Bloopers and the Old Spice Parody:

Wesker BloopersAh, to err is human, to revel in it—divine. The bloopers reel, a concoction of supposed mishaps and mayhem, offers a glimpse into what might have been had I not been the epitome of perfection. And as for the Old Spice parody? Let’s just say it’s me taking a moment to indulge in the absurdities of human advertising. A delightful detour from my usual gravitas.

Albert Wesker and Legion – An Undead Debate:

Albert Wesker & LegionIn a meeting of minds that transcends universes, I converse with Legion from Mass Effect—a debate between two entities bound by a common fate of death and potential rebirth. It’s a cerebral exploration of existence and legacy, tailored for the intellectual elite among my followers.

The Trump Parallels and Siri’s Affection:

Albert Wesker TrumpIn a world beset by the comedy of political errors, my comparisons to Donald Trump highlight the stark contrast between bumbling idiocy and sublime malevolence. And as for my brief dalliance with Siri? Even a heart as cold as mine enjoys the warmth of artificial affection.

Erotic Wesker

Erotic Albert WeskerAmong the myriad of dark delights that have been etched into my legacy, one of the most audacious and deviously entertaining exploits must surely be the notorious zombie-related erotic fanfic show. Conceived by D.C. Douglas as a homage to the fervent imaginations of Resident Evil fans, this unique theatrical spectacle combined the risqué with the ridiculous, weaving together fan-submitted fantasies into a 90-minute performance that delighted and shocked in equal measure. Premiered in 2012, the show enjoyed a decade of scandalous success, culminating in a final, unforgettable performance at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia in 2022. Despite battling the remnants of laryngitis—earned from a spirited encounter with a street preacher—Douglas’s portrayal was nothing short of electrifying, ensuring that the show went out with the same uproarious impact with which it debuted. This special performance, a true testament to the undying allure of Albert Wesker and the creative fervor he inspires, was also recorded, allowing the legacy of this unprecedented show to continue thrilling audiences even beyond its conclusion.

Image: A man with long brown hair and a goatee extends his hands forward, smiling. He wears a colorful paisley shirt. Abstract colorful and celestial backgrounds, including moons and clouds, surround him. -- D.C. DouglasMy dear enthusiasts of the esoteric and the eerie, I invite you to visit D.C. Douglas’s Albert Wesker Parody Page to witness these creations firsthand. Share them with the uninitiated, discuss them with fellow conspirators, and let the world know that Albert Wesker’s legacy is far from over. Remember, in the vast play of the universe, you are but players, and I, the master puppeteer, pulling strings in the grand show of life and death.

– AI Albert Wesker