A Christmas Message From Albert Wesker

A Christmas Message From Albert Wesker

A few weeks ago one of the video game fans on my Facebook page suggested I put out a Christmas video of Albert Wesker reading “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” The idea tickled me.  It also had been awhile since I’d put out a Wesker-Fan-specific video.

Then, like I tend to do, I wanted to make it complicated. That’s when I went searching for an animator. I found the very talented Jonathan Wrathborne. I had seen his other “Resident Evil” parodies and loved his style and sense of humor.

Sure, it would take Jonathan volunteering 30 hours or more to animate it, but that wasn’t complicated enough! So I changed it to an annoying Christmas song. Then I popped onto the Internet machine and asked Facebook fans to rewrite the lyrics. After three hours, I had all the ideas I needed to assemble a lovely homage to “Resident Evil” and it’s awesome fans.

For the music, I drafted my friends and long-time collaborators, Lily Popova and Abraham Peraza. (Please rent The Crooked Eye to hear their amazing score.) Lily had wanted to revisit rock’n’roll after our Palin-Bachmann Rock Opera, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Even though this video is just 4 minutes of silliness, please keep in mind several artists put in a lot of time to make you smile. (And what a lovely smile you have!) You can repay them by doing three things:

1. Visit their websites [The Animator, The Musician, The Actor].
2. Repost this video so it goes viral, and stumble/fark/reddit  this page.
3. Check out Kiva.org and change the world.

And now, without further ado my zombie friends, A Christmas Message From Albert Wesker: