Fan Has Amazing Ear For DC Douglas!

Fan Has Amazing Ear For DC Douglas!

This week I’ve been working with a YouTube guru on merging my old voice over account with my main account. In that process the algorithm showed me this cute video short! Lol! Not only am I amazed that Shadowxx25 can spot my voice in a random indie game on Steam, but also just how freaking sweet this moment is. Shadowxx25 seems like a very cool, kind dude.


As for the game, I absolutely loved voicing this role. The creator/director is quite talented with character development and dialogue. If you want to chill out and navigate a meditation on life and death then you should check Adios out on Steam.

Adios: An Immersive Narrative Game on Steam

About Adios

Adios is a cinematic first-person adventure game developed and published by Mischief. Released on March 16, 2021, the game takes players through an emotionally charged narrative centered around a pig farmer in Kansas who decides to sever his ties with the mob. This decision triggers a series of profound conversations between the farmer and a hitman sent to silence him, culminating in a powerful exploration of choice, morality, and consequence.

In Adios, players experience a story-driven adventure where every interaction is meaningful. The game’s setting and scenario might remind some of popular TV shows like Ozark and Breaking Bad, but its focus on personal stories and understated atmosphere sets it apart. The player navigates the farm, tending to animals and uncovering reflections on the farmer’s past, leading to an intimate and impactful narrative journey.

Gameplay and Reception

Adios has garnered very positive reviews on Steam, with 94% of over 900 user reviews being positive. The game’s compelling narrative, strong voice acting, and atmospheric setting have been widely praised. Players are particularly struck by its emotional depth and the impactful relationship between the main characters. This short, yet poignant experience blends elements of a walking simulator with interactive fiction, offering a memorable journey through the protagonist’s final day.

The game’s success can be attributed to its strong narrative and character development. Players are drawn into the farmer’s world, feeling the weight of his decisions and the looming finality of his situation. The conversations between the farmer and the hitman are particularly lauded for their depth and authenticity, making Adios a standout title in the narrative game genre.

Development and Writing

Adios was created and written by Doc Burford. The development and publishing were handled by Mischief, a small indie studio. The game’s intimate storytelling and minimalist approach have been key factors in its critical success, drawing players into its somber and reflective narrative. Burford’s writing is known for its emotional depth and ability to connect with players on a personal level.

Voice Cast

The game features a talented voice cast that brings its characters to life:

  • Rick Zieff as the Pig Farmer. Zieff is a seasoned voice actor with a career spanning several decades, known for his versatility and distinctive voice work in various animated series and video games.
  • D.C. Douglas as the Hitman. Douglas is a well-known voice actor, recognized for his roles in numerous video games, animations, and films. His portrayal of the Hitman in Adios has been praised for its depth and emotional resonance.
  • Julian Alexander Smith as Sol. Smith, also known as Julian Smith, is a versatile actor who brings a unique presence to his roles, contributing significantly to the game’s narrative depth.
  • Corey Chase as Bill. Chase’s voice work adds an extra layer of authenticity and emotion to the game, making each character interaction meaningful.


Doc Burford

Doc Burford is a writer and game developer known for his ability to craft emotionally engaging narratives. With a background in literature and a passion for storytelling, Burford has worked on various indie projects, bringing a unique voice to the gaming industry. His work on Adios has been particularly noted for its depth and emotional impact.

Rick Zieff

Rick Zieff is an accomplished voice actor with a diverse portfolio. He has voiced characters in numerous animated series, video games, and commercials. Zieff’s ability to adapt his voice to different characters and genres has made him a sought-after talent in the industry. His role as the Pig Farmer in Adios showcases his ability to convey deep emotion and complexity through voice acting.

D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas is a well-known voice actor with a career that spans across video games, animations, and films. He is best known for his work in the Resident Evil series, where he voiced the character Albert Wesker. In Adios, Douglas brings a nuanced performance to the Hitman, adding layers of emotion and conflict to the character.


Adios stands out as a unique narrative experience in the gaming world. Its deep story, coupled with excellent voice performances and an atmospheric setting, offers players a brief but unforgettable journey. For those interested in exploring themes of regret, choice, and the human condition, Adios is a must-play.