I Do The Robot

I Do The Robot

When it comes to on-camera roles, I tend to be that lawyer-salesman-doctor guy (unless a cool indie film casts me, then I’m most likely a weirdo). And when it comes to voiceovers, if I’m not a creepy “boss,” I’m usually a sexy robot.

In keeping with that trend, I recently popped up as Pod 042 in the highly acclaimed “Nier: Automata!” I’m handy at advice (“Proposal…”) and fishing.

“The action is superb, the story is one of gaming’s best!”

“Automata is the closest thing there is to a spiritual successor to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance”

“Automata is so crazy it just might work!”
AV Club

But wait, that’s not all! If you act now you can do the robot with me! Because I am ALL the robots you meet in another highly acclaimed VR game from Oculus: Robot Recall!

Keep an ear out during this hoot of a virtual journey for all the bots you meet. There are service bots and then there are the thug bots. They had me record some hysterical one liners for these guys. And then there is also Odin (yes, my third time playing a character named Odin), the boss of this world.

“Robo Recall does a fantastic job of showing off what they can do in action. It may be another glorified VR shooting gallery, but it’s a glorious glorified VR shooting gallery full of detailed robot models, great-feeling weaponry, and non-stop satisfying action.”

“Oculus Rift finally gets its killer game!”
The Guardian

“Robo Recall excels at being pure power fantasy, with its simplistic but elegant systems lets players become a sci-fi blockbuster savior in a way that just isn’t possible in non-VR games.”

I love doing voice over for all kinds of video games, but when they get singled out with such great reviews, it really tickles me. Many games I do are so niche no one hears of them, even though I dig my work in them – like Space Galaxy Run:

But combine innovation and/or a dedicated fanbase with great reviews? Makes me feel like my career is hugging me… Hey! Hands above the belt, career! Sheesh…

Up next? A creepy fun role in “Persona 5” which arrives April 4th!