Raise Your Star SCAM

Once again, these sleazy folks are out get actors in the new year. If you get this email, know that this is BS. Yes, BS. Take it from a 25 year career actor in LA. Agents don’t give a sh!t about your IMDB ranking – they care about your credits and talent and marketability. That’s it! If they do care about a faulty and dubious algorithm, then run away from that agent.

Here’s their sleazy pitch:

Raise Your Star
First, we just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for making 2012 such a great year! Having a competitive STARmeter number is so important, and as your number one resource for boosting your number, we’re happy to have so many satisfied clients!

As a special New Year’s thank you, we’re offering an additional 1,000 hits per week this month with any of our packages if you sign up by Monday, January 7th.

And any existing clients who reply to this email will get an extra 1,500 hits per week this month!

We really appreciate being able to provide our services to help you boost your acting career to the next level. Your IMDb STARmeter ranking can be a key factor in casting/representation decisions. Having a highly competitive number is a great way to show the industry that you’re serious, and that your fans are serious about watching you.

We are also offering specials on boosting MOVIEmeter rankings and YouTube hits as well, just let us know if you’d like more information.

Just go to www.raiseyourstar.com for more information. You just choose the package you’d like, send us your IMDb link, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Thank you again, and here’s to an amazing start to 2013!!!

The IMDb STARmeter Boost Team

Again, it’s BS.  Don’t give these sleaze bags your cash.  Use your money for a postcard mailout or classes or ANYTHING else!  Donate it to the MPTF.