500 Channels, 2 DVDs, And 1 DC Douglas

500 Channels, 2 DVDs, And 1 DC Douglas

500 channels will eventually rot your brain.  Why would you do that to yourself?  Just turn off your, um, cable box or satellite dish?  And crank up the healthier option: your DVD player!  I’ve got two DVDs worth of chuckles to plaster your plasma with (or liven up your LCD… or calm your Cathode Ray Tube?).

Actually, the first film, “Universal Remote,” did get some cable time on TMC this week.  [See original post Universal Remote And Your TV.]  I still laughed at many of the sketches.  The film is worth seeing if only for the “most offensive song ever” bit.  Had me giggling at 2 in the morning.

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This video has some of my voice over bits and a part of a scene I actually appear in [full scene in old post].  The over all voice style was an homage to Don Pardo, but with many tweaks.  Hope you get a kick out of it! But a word of CAUTION:  This is rated R and has A LOT of profanity in it… You have been warned…

The second film, “Change Your Life!“, is very close to my heart.  A mockumentary about ponzi schemes and multi-level marketing by a very talented, funny and kind man – Adam Christing.  He co-wrote it with the prolific Brian Godawa and co-directed it with the DP extraordinaire, Patrick Shen, of Transcendental Media (check out his thought-provoking documentary, “Flight From Death“).

The film features Tony Plana (of ABC’s “Ugly Betty“), his wife, Ada Maris, Taylor Negron, Time Winters, and my nemesis in the film (a hysterical lady) Sarah Taylor.  The joy of doing this film was that many scenes were improvised off a skeleton script.  Characters (especially mine) were expanded and redefined.  It made for an exciting acting experience. And Adam is just plain fun, open and clever – with directions that come off as just gentle, spur-of-the-moment suggestions, but are well thought-out in advance.  Filming was in clusters over the span of a year.

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The final result is very funny!  It’s hard to say that about a lot of the comedies I’ve been cast in.  The downside? It wasn’t long enough for theatrical distribution, but too long to program for TV.  So, it came out on DVD.  It’s completely different from “Universal Remote” in that it has a defined plot and character arcs and, what else… riiiight, not an F-bomb to be heard dropping for miles around!  It’s a “Disney” PG.  Check out the video and, if you like what you see, please order the DVD.  Please!  Adam, Bryan and Patrick deserve a little loving!

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