D.C. Douglas Aims To Conquer in Honor of Kings

D.C. Douglas Aims To Conquer in Honor of Kings

Announcing D.C. Douglas as Cao Cao-Sirius Conqueror in Honor of Kings

We are thrilled to announce that the renowned voice actor D.C. Douglas will be bringing his talents to the highly anticipated MOBA game, Honor of Kings. D.C. Douglas will voice the character Cao Cao-Sirius Conqueror, adding his distinctive flair and gravitas to this epic role.

About D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas is no stranger to the world of video games. Known for his portrayal of Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil and Mass Effect games, his deep, commanding voice has made him a favorite among fans. His latest role as Cao Cao-Sirius Conqueror is sure to delight players and add another layer of depth to the game’s rich storytelling.

Beyond Resident Evil and Mass Effect, Douglas has also lent his voice to several other iconic characters in popular games. He is known as Kamoshida in Persona 5, Svaarog in Honkai Star Rail, Azrael in BlazBlue, Gunter in the Fire Emblem series, and Rufus Albarea in the Legend of Heroes series. His versatility and range make him a perfect fit for the dynamic and complex character of Cao Cao-Sirius Conqueror.

Game Overview

Honor of Kings is set to make a grand entry into the western market with its global launch on June 20, 2024. This 5v5 hero battle game has already captured the hearts of millions in regions such as Brazil, the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey during its beta testing phases. With over 3 million pre-registrations, the game is poised for a spectacular debut in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Cao Cao Honor of Kings

About D.C. Douglas’ Cao Cao

Cao Cao, a cunning and ambitious warlord, views war as a game he intends to win by rewriting the rules. Facing numerous obstacles, including powerful rivals and the dominance of machinery and sorcery, Cao Cao employs strategic schemes to expand his forces and undermine his enemies. He defeats the formidable Warlord Lu Bu, gains control of the mercenary group Dragon, and forms an alliance with Xu Fu to become part of the Blood Clan. As a member of the Blood Clan, Cao Cao orchestrates the death of Cai Yong and his followers, deceives Dian Wei into joining his side, and plans to exploit the talents of Cai Yan. While distracting his enemies with false expeditions, Cao Cao secretly resurrects Lu Bu as his trump card. Driven by his boundless ambition, Cao Cao is willing to sacrifice anyone, even his allies, to achieve his goals and seize control of the Blood Clan in this grand game of strategy, living by the principle, “I would rather betray the world than let the world betray me.”

Gameplay Features

Players will engage in thrilling 5V5 MOBA matches on classic three-lane maps, utilizing strategic hero combinations and skills derived from mythic heroes. The game promises intense 15-minute competitive gameplay sessions, allowing friends to team up and dominate the battlefield together.

The game, developed by TiMi Studio and published by Level Infinite, has seen tremendous success in China since its release in 2015. It has become one of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time, amassing over $15.6 billion in revenue. The developers are confident that the western launch will replicate this success, thanks to a strategic phased rollout that has allowed them to refine the game based on player feedback from various regions.

Star-Studded Voice Cast

The 2024 version of Honor of Kings features an impressive roster of voice actors, each bringing their unique talents to the game’s characters:

Tony Corlis, Craig Lee, Noelle Romano, Kelly Baskin, Connor Fogarty, Larissa Gallagher, Joe Brogie, Arianna Ratner Dell, Becky Poole, Armen Taylor, Andrew Bates, Judy Alice Lee, Daman Mills, Kaiji Von Tang, George Ackles, Lindsay Rousseau, and Ratana.

Behind the Scenes

The success of Honor of Kings can be attributed not only to its gameplay and voice acting but also to the dedicated team behind the scenes. The game’s chief designer, Dean Huang, has been instrumental in creating a game that resonates with players globally. Huang has emphasized the importance of player feedback in refining the game, ensuring that it meets the expectations of a diverse audience.

Henry Li, head of localization, has played a crucial role in adapting the game for different regions. His efforts have ensured that the game’s cultural elements are appropriately represented, making it more appealing to players from various backgrounds. Li’s work in localization highlights the importance of cultural sensitivity in game development, which is essential for a successful global launch.

Feng, the head of esports, has been pivotal in establishing Honor of Kings as a competitive gaming platform. With a $15 million investment in grassroots tournaments and major global events, Feng aims to nurture the game’s competitive scene and provide a clear path from amateur to professional play. The recent success of the Honor of Kings open EMEA finals is a testament to the game’s growing esports presence.

Image: A man with a ponytail, smiling while engaging in a PR event and speaking into a microphone in a radio studio, with colorful blurred lights in the background. -- D.C. Douglas


As Honor of Kings prepares for its grand global launch, the inclusion of D.C. Douglas as the voice of Cao Cao-Sirius Conqueror has generated significant excitement among fans. With a talented team behind the scenes and a commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience, Honor of Kings is poised to make a lasting impact on the MOBA genre. Players worldwide are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to immerse themselves in this epic adventure and witness the game’s rich narrative and competitive gameplay firsthand.

Stay tuned for more updates on Honor of Kings and its star-studded voice cast as the global launch approaches. Don’t forget to pre-register to secure exclusive rewards and be among the first to experience this groundbreaking game!