Calling Resident Evil Fans: Need Your Zombie Ideas

Calling Resident Evil Fans: Need Your Zombie Ideas


2/25/14 UPDATE:
Just cleared 1st hurdle! The writers r developing it NOW! Stay tuned.

Hi Kids! Glad you dropped by!

Here’s the deal: I am in talks with two very talented writers and a production company here in LA. about making a zombie flick that incorporates story elements, characters and — MOST IMPORTANTLY — aspects missing from the “Resident Evil” film and video game series and from zombie flicks in general.

In other words, I need your 3-5 sentence pitches for movie ideas or fragments thereof.  The plots could be from parts of the RE universe that have never been in a game or film, or completely out of your dark, disturbed mind.

(However, if from the RE universe, please pitch it/explain it to us as if we’ve never seen the game.)

This project is NOT a Capcom project and will NOT be an RE film, but will have been guided by the RE fan base.  Make sense?

We may pull from some of these ideas, so you must be aware that once you leave it here, it is now owned by the cyberverse and you have no claims on it.  We just want to have this process guided by you guys – THE FANS.

But we need them by Thursday morning.  So, pass this post on to whomever you think would wanna suggest ideas.

IMPORTANT: Only post your thoughts/ideas/ SHORT pitches in the Disqus comments below on my blog.  Don’t link to anything else.  Only write below.

Who knows?  You may see a film by this time next year that was molded by YOU!

May also be back at later stages in the production process to get advice on more aspects of the film…