Apocalypse Kiss Reviews

Apocalypse Kiss Reviews

Have you seen “Apocalypse Kiss?” Need some more reasons? How about these reviews:

“Stealing the show is Douglas’s self and compulsively obsessed Adrian, who has never been happy with the nickname bestowed upon him by the media whose attention he so desperately craves. He’s funny and scary as a killer who just wants to be recognized for the work that he does. The lengths he is willing to go to achieve notoriety provide some of the film’s best moments.”
– 1nfluxmagazine.com

“Of those four main characters—the cop, the villain, and the dames—D.C. Douglas as The Red Harvest Killer is the best by a mile. His Adrian is equal parts charismatic, natty, pragmatic, and psychotic, with a temper that can turn on a dime and a willingness to direct that temper at anyone who crosses him. It’s an electrifying performance.”
– DVDVerdict.com

“DC Douglas gives a nice creepy performance as the OCD Red Harvest Killer.”
– HorrorHotHouseReview.com

“D.C. Douglas is not a stranger to being a creepy guy. But as Adrian, aka The Red Harvest Killer, he ups the ante in an American Psycho performance with a Dexter twist.”
– HorrorNews.net

“D.C. Douglas as Adrian is particularly fun to watch as he slithers from conversation to conversation, totally convincing as a smug psychopath.”
– RavenousMonster.com