Trump: Handbasket Hero

Trump: Handbasket Hero

It has been several years since I’ve done a pure Tweaked Nipples Production. I really thought I was going to sit this election out because the insanity, comedy and horror of Donald Trump was so evident. It’s really a farcical culmination of the 2010 Tea Party.

But… He just HAD to put out an ad today on twitter that inspired me.

His riffs off of the old 3 Am phone call ad of a previous election. Well, now I’ve riffed on his riff and I hope it highlights the riff raff in a way that makes you laugh. I also hope it helps convey some of the hundreds of negative points about Trump in a tidy 90 seconds so you can send it to “those friends and family…” Doubtful it will change some minds, but it will do the talking/texting/emailing/posting for you.

As usual, please help get this baby out there! Share it with all your friends. Post it everywhere!

And now… The most accurate Trump/Pence 2016 political ad…

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